Life is wild in the desert!

A few of the natives around the house on a lazy Friday morning...

A new visitor last night 7/21/09 probably a Sonoran Toad but not sure of species

Fake Scorpion - Zebra Tailed Sand Lizard

Tails up (when they run waving the tail they look exactly like scorpions)

Brown Whiptail - One of them is over a foot long including the tail

Watchful Ground Squirrel

Big guy - Spiny Desert Lizard

Ignoring each other

That didn't last!

Confrontation is inevitable

Can't a guy just hang out in the shade and eat bugs?

Female of a nesting pair.  Weird birds, have flat bifurcated tail and fly with seeming difficulty.
The male has a varied songs and watches the nest constantly.  Babies have left the nest now
and are hiding in the bushes.