Toy Dish Catalog
Collection by Jane Burleigh:

This collection spans a number of years.  Jane went to many toy dish shows and purchased sets or single pieces she liked and were within her budget.  There are approximately 40 sets of dishes and numerous partial sets / single pieces.  Take your time browsing the catalog.  If you have any information to share or would like to purchase some of these items, feel free to call 585 482-7366 or send an email to: dave at

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Item: 1. Classic Blue Bird
-- Made by Yamada Toshiba Japan
-- Sold by Sears @ 1940
Tea Pot, Creamer, Sugar, 5 cups, 4 saucers, 3 plates 
Great condition 
(1 saucer chipped, small crack)
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Item: 2. Blue Willow 
-- Japanese
Tea Pot, Creamer, Sugar, 6 each plates, saucers, cups 
Handle broken on one cup
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Item: 3. 
-- German 
Tea Pot, Creamer, Sugar, 6 saucers, 6 cups, 5 plates 
1 chipped plate
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Item: 4. Victoria Tea Set 
-- French 1890 - 1900

Tea Pot, Creamer, Sugar (no lid), 6 each of cups, saucers & bowls, 2 fancy plates

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Item: 5. Okwan China 
-- white with gold trim
Includes: Tea Pot, Creamer, Sugar, 4 each cups, saucers, plates Condition:
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Item: 6. Tree In A Meadow 
-- Japan 1930
Includes: Tea Pot, Creamer, Sugar, 4 each plates, cups, saucers Condition:
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Item: 7. Daffodils
-- Japan
Includes: Tea Pot, Creamer, Sugar (no lid), Soup Tureen & Plate, 3 saucers, 2 cups, 3 plates Condition:
As noted
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Item: 8. White with Wide Blue Stripe on Top
Includes: Tea Pot, Creamer, Sugar, 2 cups, 2 saucers 
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Item: 9. Miscellaneous Box

3 different pink items - 
Creamer & sugar (set)
Tea Pot & Creamer
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Item: 10. Pink Flower With Gold Leaf
Includes: Sugar, Creamer, 4 cups, 6 saucers, 5 bowls
Excellent but may not be a complete set
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Item: 11. White Glaze with Orange Trim
Includes: 4 cups (ridged), 4 saucers (round edge), 3 plates (scalloped edge),Tea Pot, Creamer, Sugar Condition:
Excellent, no tops, may not be set
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