2014 Personal Updates

September 2014: Summer temps have been average to slightly above. Monsoon has been a bit stronger than normal with lots of productive rain. Here in our section of Avry Valley we did not get as much rain as in the past though. Our trees are a bit parched and growth this year will be impaired. We completed a second dome 32' in diameter. This structure is to be anchored above a 30' x 5' deep excavation we plan to use for temperature control. Should make a very productive growing environment. The next project is fabrication a viynl cover for the winter season. We will need a shade cloth cover for next summer. Our next projects depend on funding so we need new blood or to invole our neighbors.

June 2014: It has been roughly a year since I moved into the new (to me) house in Avra Valley. Avra Valley is located about 22 miles from Tucson. This puts it about the same distance from Tucson as the previous house and is still a part of Marana. I have become more selective about auction purchases, but always keep an eye out for useful materials and equipment. I rarely buy for resale today and have not sold anything on ebay in some time. TTEV has gone thru many itterations since our initial focus on the property near 3 Points. The Cherokee community has also undergone a number of changes in the past 2 1/2 years.

TTEV's evolution has been very interesting. Purchasing the original proprty fell through which turned out to be a very good thing. For reasons not related to the actual location it became apparent that it could not meet our objectives for community. A short time later Samuel found the property we are working on here in Avra Valley. The land was purchased by three families and has room for two more. I purchased this home on a nearby parcel that will serve as a community meeting place and workshop area. We have started building dome green houses as well as demonstration structures made with soil-crete sand mix in continuous bags. There is lots of information on the website about this building technique.

Soon we plan to offer our neighbors the option to share the dome green houses to grow their own food. This is a strategy used sucessfully to bring strangers together and make them your neighbors. We feel that we are much more likely to thrive in any situation as a group than as individuals. We recomend any of you who may chance upon this page to think about how you could use a similar strategy as well.

In the coming days we will be reorganizing the http://ttev.org website to include a section on forming community where we will post the results of our research and our local efforts. We are affiliated with Sustainable Tucson and will be promoting this concept to the board. We hope to be able to bring this idea to the more than 100 communities in Tucson to estabish our city as a model for resiliant lifestyle.

2011 - As I mentioned my time has been split roughly three ways:

Auctions (go figure) - not a lot of personal interest here to report, just my normal level of activity.  Lately have been going to the UofA biweekly surplus auction.  They usually get good money for what is offered, so it isn't so much about bargain hunting, but occasionally they have interesting items that have "someday" appeal.  As in "someday I can use that!"  Sure Dave, sure...

TTEV - http://ttev.org short for Tucson Tortolita Eco-Village.  Samuel and I have been working on this concept and website since late January.  Actually Samuel started the research before then, but that was when I and others got involved.  Originally the plan was to focus on developing an intentional community in the mountains, but someone stepped forward and offered 30 acres of land for development on good terms.  Since that time the focus of the website has been on the property known as "the Bridge."   On October 22-23 we held a Fall Festival which did very well for a first effort.  Samuel plans to make it an annual event and I will help as I can.  Recently Samuel is planning to add a section on security shelters he and a partner design / build.

Cherokee family - About this time last year I attended the first Cherokee ceremony at a site in the mountains.  I had known the members for sometime and looked forward to learning more about the culture.  Over time I devoted more and more time to working with the members on construction projects and general neighborly activities.  Today I plan to continue to study with them and participate in such projects we deem worthwhile.  I should mention that we are actively looking for new members.  If you are interested in learning about the ancient knowledge native peoples can share, send me an email and we will talk.

I still work with hosting clients on updates etc. and life makes demands for food and shelter, but those are the big three activities.  Summer before last a momma cat brought her kittens to live under the house.  Three now adult cats remain.  Each has a distinct personality and we get along well.  They remain outside (feral) cats, but with some level of cililization.  They often come inside to play and seek attention and I am happy to oblige.  Everyone should have creature friends ;-)

If you want to know more or just chat, give a call or email burleigh.personal@gmail.com

The phone # is the same