Replacing the VSS in 96 Taurus

Lots on confusion for Ford Taurus Vehicle Speed Sensor replacement.  Just changed the one in my 1996 Taurus GL with 3.0 OVH engine and F6DP 7000 AA transmission.  The speedometer is electronic (no cable to speed sensor).  The transmission model tag is on top of the transmission, the bottom pan is marked AXOD. The AXOD has 17 bolts, which is what you need to tell the parts store to get the right part.  Mine does not have a speedometer cable, yours might.  *Note that Ford also used an AX4S transmission that has 19 bolts with different sensors.

Trans tag

Unclip the hose on the firewall above the manifold to get some room for your arm.

Remove the manifold shield. You need to reach down behind the passenger's side under the exhaust manifold to feel the sensor. You will be able to see part of the sensor with the manifold cover removed.

I used a 1/4" drive 10mm socket on a 2' extension to access the sensor bolt. You need to line up the socket and extension with the sensor body and locate it on the bolt by feel, you won't be able to see the bolt. Reach down on the other side of the exhaust with a small ratchet to connect it to the extension. You should be able to see the end of the extension looking down thru the manifold. Be very patient twisting the ratchet head slightly until it fits into the extension. Back the bolt out and pull the sensor free.

Sensor location

There is a gear on the sensor secured by a clip. You need to remove the gear and put it on the new sensor. Replace the new sensor and locate the bolt in the assembly and secure it. Reconnect the sensor connector, replace the shield and clip the hose back on the firewall.

The old part

I could not upload the images for whatever reason, so they are here: The pictures of the sensor are taken between the firewall and the engine.


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